Services Provided by Theodore House

We provide in-house mental-health, Substance Abuse, HIV counseling, and Affordable Housing services.

Accessing Permanent Housing

At intake, residents work with staff to begin planning their goal of permanent housing. Our staff provides each resident with guidance to determine what living arrangement is appropriate for the resident's successful integration into independent living. A detailed plan is developed to specify strategies for funding housing, and a timetable for implementation.

Job Preparedness Training

Upon completion of our program, our goal is to have all residents, who are able to work, employed in jobs that provide a living wage, benefits and opportunities for advancement. Counselors from Goodwill Industries, DORS, JERICHO and the Northwest Career Center offer personalized advising, vocational assessments and group workshops to help residents learn and acquire the skills that are necessary to secure and maintain gainful employment.

Health Care

During the intake process, residents are referred to a healthcare facility to obtain a full physical. Residents who do not have medical benefits are referred to one of our partnering healthcare facilities. Residents are also enrolled for PAC benefits during the intake process.

HIV Education and Testing

Residents benefit from HIV educational services provided by The Theodore House. All residents are encouraged to get tested for HIV from partnering agencies.

Case Management Services

Our case management services will create relationships between The Theodore House and the resident that will allow for further identification of personal and family issues that may need to be addressed. Additionally, we will assist with providing alternative sources of on-going support to residents and establish a referral system and improve access to community resources.

Mental Health and Elderly Care Services

Our mental health services provide counseling and case management. We accept clients that are mentally challenged and cannot make decisions on their own. Our elderly care services provide a day program and 24-hour care if needed. We only provide care for high functioning adults.