Success Stories

Juan Floyd

Juan FloydI owe my start from prison to where I am today, first, to my (God) and to the woman who gave me my first foundation, and believed in me and gave me my first start Miss Tamikia Randall, who allowed me to run one of her recovery houses and be her house manager. She said I know you can do it. I did it for six months. When I got my own place, she furnished my place for me. I owe miss Tamikia randall so much for giving me my first start. She is the (Director of the Theodore house today): thank you so much Miss Randall for believing in me when I didn't believe in myself. I'll Never forget where I came from, and what I am made of.

Love you miss Randall to life ...God knows I do ma'am.

Charles Booth

Charles BoothThe Theodore House is a structured program that can really help someone rebuild relationships that were damaged due to using and being unmanageable. The Theodore House is a very quiet and nice program that I would recommend to any person that needs a chance to make different decisions, and grow in certain areas in their life.

However, you must be ready to do some work and commit to the policies and procedures of the program. By doing that you will have a better chance of staying clean and having a better outlook on life and yourself. This program can build a foundation for recovery, relationships, spirituality, and having a positive relationship with a power greater than yourself.

I don't think there are any negative sides to the program.

Ricky Lewis

At this time in my life I feel like treatment is something that everyone needs in their day to day living when they are recovering from any illegal substance. Structure for me is very important at this time because it's my own simple-minded thinking that gets me in trouble. If I don't comply with some of the rules at Theodore House such as staying clean and respecting others, that means I haven't made a change for my recovery.

My goal at Theodore House is to maintain peace and order within myself first, so that I can live a positive productive life after Theodore House. Theodore House is teaching me how to do that. I know that I am not perfect but there is always room for improvement. These days, I love myself and will continue to do the right thing.

Thanks for all you do!

Phillip Lancelotta

Phillip LancelottaI will take many positive things away from my experience at The Theodore House Inc, the number one thing is how genuine the staff was in helping me.

Gordon Swann

Phillip LancelottaI came to Theodore House in November 2009. Theodore House was only meant to be a pit stop for me, until I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with the director Tamikia Randall. My goals were to return to work as a residential care provider for mentally challenged adults. After discussing these goals with Ms. Randall, she then offered me a House Manager position.

What turned out to be a pit stop, turned out to be my last stop. Now with a purpose, direction, leadership, and a future, I am continuing with the management skills i acquired from Theodore House, and applying them to continue to work for Ms. Randall in future programs.

My future looks brighter, and reachable!